Our Foreign Service scholars pursue studies in non-English speaking countries such as China, France, Germany and Japan, as well as in the UK and USA. MFA values this diversity of talent as we operate on the international stage.

As a Foreign Service scholar, you enjoy a head start in your career as your development begins from the time you leave for your studies.  Besides being assigned a mentor at our Overseas Mission who will support and guide you while abroad, you will undergo internships – one in HQ and the other at an Overseas Mission, to gain insights on MFA work. Sponsorship will also be provided for learning foreign languages to prepare you for future postings. You will also be considered for Master’s degree sponsorship and exchange programmes.

At each stage of your career, you will be equipped with the core skills through milestone training programmes as well as professional and academic courses to maximize your potential.  With a view of being an Ambassador, your career progression will depend on your performance and potential.

To apply, send your scholarship application through http://www.pscscholarships.gov.sg/ now!